R & D services

Oral formulation development

Biotime team has considerable experience developing a variety of orally administered formulations such as-

Understanding bioavailability is critical to developing safe and effective formulations. Biotime has significant capabilities in increasing bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs, including BCS-2 and BCS-4 classified molecules.

Parenteral and topical dosage form development

Biotime has a variety of equipment suited for developing of these formulations. Biotime will acquire any R&D equipment needed for formulation development if there is a specific client need we cannot currently meet. We are currently in process of procuring R & D equipment for parenteral and topical dosage form development and are continuously increasing our capabilities.

Biotime team has considerable experience in development of dosage forms like-

Complex injectable formulations

Injectable solutions in vials, bags or ampoules

Opthalmic solutions, suspensions and emulsions

Topical gels, creams, ointment and powders

Advantage Biotime

Formulation development of parenterals and topicals performed at Biotime de-risks the development prior to tech transfer to a CDMO with commercial parenteral and topical capability. This increases speed to market, mitigates risk, and achieves considerable cost savings for our clients.