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Biotime Pharmaceuticals is a fast growing contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) located in additional Murbad MIDC, Mumbai, India. We provide tailored services in drug development, custom manufacturing, R & D services and Analytical testing services. We are preferred choice for third party manufacturing and loan license work. We offer unparalleled scientific insight and depth of product knowledge while supplying high-quality dosage forms that enhance the lives of patients.

Biotime has a team of people who have worked in India and the United States of America and they bring their combine scientific knowledge and years of experience. We are a technology driven problem solving company that prides itself in taking complex projects. We stand with our clients in drug development process and abide by sharing risks across the board by providing integration and by fixing gaps in the process. Biotime Pharmaceuticals is spread across 24,000 square feet’s and is located in Murbad MIDC (Industrial Corridor). We are at a distance of 65 kilometers from Mumbai International Airport, 70 kilometers from JNPT sea port and 25 kilometers from Kalyan Railway Station.


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Our Expert Team

Quality Assurance

Nitesh Luand

Nitesh Luand, Bpharm, MS, after masters degree in pharmacy, Nitesh is the founder of Biotime and has over 15 years of Pharmaceutical experience in BD and Quality Assurance. Nitesh has worked for companies such as Sciegen Pharmaceuticals, Quotient Sciences, Laurus Labs, Primed Pharmaceuticals and Integrated Pharma Solutions in the United States. Nitesh has worked for Baxter (US), Bliss GVS Pharma and KMS in India. He holds a Master’s degree from St John’s University, New York and is currently doing Phd (pharmaceutics) from JNU, Jaipur.
Business Development

Lachman Lund

Lachman Lund, Dpharm, Bcom – Lachman is founder of Biotime and has over 40 years of pharmaceutical experience in marketing, wholesaling, procuring third party drugs and retailing in pharmacies. Lachman has always been an entrepreneur and has managed companies named Mohan Manufacturers, North East Pharma and Mohan Medicals.

Research Development and Manufacturing

Chandraprakash Tiwari

Chandraprakash Tiwari, Bsc, Chandra is a veteran of pharmaceutical industry and has over 40 years of formulation experience in solid oral dosage forms. Chandra has worked for Synthiko formulations, Oboi laboratories, Noble Industries (pharma division), Aries Pharmaceuticals and Frazer labs.

Manohar Mirchandani

Manohar Mirchandani, Mpharm- Manohar has been in research and development for over 40 years and has experience across all type of formulations. Manohar has worked in research and development for companies such as Sandoz, Duphar-Interfran, Procter and Gamble, Ranbaxy (Now Sun Pharma), Franco Indian Pharmaceuticals and Encore Healthcare.

Md Kaisher Ajad Khan

Md Kaisher Ajad Khan, Bpharm- Kaisher has over 12 years of pharmaceutical manufacturing experience. Kaisher has worked for pharmaceutical companies such as Perrigo Laboratories (US), Apotex Research, Dr Reddy’s Lab and Alkem labs.
Analytical Development & Quality Control

Vishwanath Thombre

MSc- Vishwanath has over 18 yers of experience in analytical development ,validation and testing. Vishwanath has worked for companies such as Evonik Industries, Micro Labs, Rubicon Research, S Zhaveri pharmakem, Genpharma labs- Morocco, Omegene life science and J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals.

Rajaram Hajare

Rajaram Hajare, BSc- Rajaram has over 26 years of quality control experience in the pharmaceutical API and formulation industry. Rajaram has worked for companies such as Arch Pharmalabs, Amar Products, Calyx chemicals and Pharmaceuticals and Ipca Laboratories.

Project Management
Biotime understands the need of project management in today’s world. The pharmaceutical industry has changed significantly over the last decade. Big pharma is transitioning to a leaner business model that relies heavily on external partners. Across the industry, the R&D process is not getting any easier; drug developers are working with tightening R&D budgets, aggressive timelines, capacity constraints and rising patient expectations. But with the right development partner, there are opportunities to succeed in this highly competitive environment. Our Project Managers bring everyone together, deliver the detail openly and honestly, actively encourage open discussion, feedback and criticism, to ensure the best outcome for all.

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